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What is old is cool again! Mixed-use development had fallen out of favor during the twentieth century with the rise of the automobile facilitating widespread suburbanization in North America. Now the pendulum of style is swinging back.

While the suburban model continues to proliferate, many communities are experiencing a resurgence of mixed-use developments, which offer a more walkable community, shorter commute times, and holistic spaces that support the growing "work, live, and play" approach that both major generational influencers—Millennials and Baby Boomers—are embracing. Adaptive reuse of historical buildings and land is a growing trend in mixed-use development because it saves local history and is friendlier on timelines, budgets, and on the environment.1

Maglin Site Furniture Kingsley - Fort Mill SC

Maglin Site Furniture pieces punctuate the walkways and hardscapes surrounding the lake at The Yard—inviting visitors to gather together, rest, and contemplate the natural space. Maglin's 720 Chaise Lounge matches the warm brown hues of the brick buildings and the iconic smokestack that bears the name of this new development. The Ipe wood complements the vibrant green bushes surrounding the chairs
The Close family—one of South Carolina's largest landowning families—are descendants of Samuel Elliot White, who founded Fort Mill Manufacturing Company in 1887 and served as its first president. The company evolved into Springs Industries, one of the largest
textile manufacturers in the world. Over twenty years ago, the Close family founded Clear Springs Development and "began devising a long-term plan to direct the development and use of 7,000 acres of family land around their Upstate South Carolina hometown of Fort Mill".2

Maglin Site Furniture pieces punctuate the walkways and hardscapes surrounding The Lake at The Yard - inviting visitors to gather together, rest, and contemplate the natural space.

970 Series Benches
and invokes the calmness of being close to Mother Nature. Maglin 970 Series benches encircle the lake and the generous use of 500 Series bollards help ensure safety near parking and intersections dense with foot traffic.
The Close family was patient with their property, which they envisioned as an economic launchpad for Fort Mill. The time was right in 2014 and Clear Springs Development engaged 505Design, an architectural firm from Charlotte, NC, to draw up plans. The result is Kingsley—a 660-acre blend of retail businesses, apartments, hotels, dining, offices, and even hospitals. The first phase of the project, Kingsley Town Center, broke ground in 2017. We at Maglin aren’t the only ones happy with the result; so is
Daniel P. Mummey, Senior VP of Development & Construction for Clear Springs Development Company (the developers of Kingsley). Mr. Mummey appreciates the style, quality and overall appeal of the Maglin products featured at Kingsley. He enthused, "Maglin is classically contemporary. Their style and quality are very synergistic with our design intent and quality of development."

The center of this community is dubbed "The Yard". "Activated by bustling restaurants, this lush space is the place for festivals, interactive play, relaxing or just gazing across the lake….With contemporary styling and a lush landscape palette, The Yard is THE gathering place in Fort Mill."3

720 Chaise Lounge overlooking the lake

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