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In a perfect world, schedules would never change and communication would be crystal clear. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and even the best plans can go astray. Construction professionals know this best, and find themselves scrambling when faced with delays or last minute changes. For a contractor, it’s a constant juggling act of budgets, permits, materials, labor, inspections, and more.

Trust is the key instrument in a contractor’s tool kit. With all of the elements required to complete a project, a contractor must trust their partners will come through in the end. Communication, speed, and flexibility are essential qualities for any partner, especially a supplier.

A supplier that refuses to share information or communicate their understanding of what is required may not have your best interest at heart. However, someone that pays attention to what you want, and helps you find a solution, will offer continued support from beginning to end.

Good communication requires more than understanding. An effective communicator is approachable and sincere. For instance, do you feel comfortable contacting your supplier, or do you hesitate? Does it feel like your supplier wants to help you, or do you feel like an inconvenience? What kind of customer service are they communicating?
MLB970-M Benches at Averton Commons
Maglin's MLB970-M and MLP400-M2 at Averton Common

Maglin Site Furniture is known for their great customer service. Senior Project Coordinator Sean Mealand explains, “It’s really important for us to build a great relationship with our customers. They’re at the heart of what we do! We want customers to come away feeling positive about their experience with Maglin. In the end, we all want to be successful.”

MLB970-M Benches at Averton Commons Successful partnerships realize that quick service is also important. Whether there is a rush to submit a bid or looming deadline, delays can mean loss of revenue. Waiting for a quote could lead to missing a submittal deadline and ultimately losing a job. Imagine delaying a project opening because the site amenities have not arrived on time. As a contractor, you need to believe your suppliers will come through on time; after all, your reputation is at stake.

Trust has played a major role in Aldershot Landscape Contractors’ choice of Maglin Site Furniture as a supplier. Scott Cressman, Landscape Architect/Project Manager, says “Over the last 25+ years, Aldershot Landscape Contractors has built a solid relationship with Maglin Site Furniture. ALC trusts Maglin to deliver affordable site furniture, without schedule delays or warranty issues to the satisfaction of our own clients.”

Having confidence with a supplier’s communication skills and quick response time is great, but what happens if a schedule changes at the last minute? Will your supplier think creatively and make it happen? Can they be flexible and available for quick turnarounds? A dedicated supplier will do all they can to make it happen. Scott Cressman of ALC says “Maglin’s professional commitment to customer service, from project start to delivery, is exceptional”, proving again that contractors can trust Maglin Site Furniture with their site amenity needs.

MLPT400-S-W Benches at Averton Commons
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